Monday, July 30, 2007

Circle of Life*

"And it moves us all / Through despair and hope / Through faith and love / Till we find our place / On the path unwinding"

After nearly a month of well-chonicled angst over this housing debacle, our journey ends right back where we started. And here I am, posting my very first blog retraction. Is there even such a thing? Well, there is now!

"Tonight, I will finally, fer reals, seriously this time, start to pack." Or, as the kids say, "NOT!"

Dusty and I saw a rental house this afternoon that we really liked, so we called our landlady to let her know we had found a place. It turns out that her son decided to live elsewhere, so she gave us a sweet deal to keep renting this house. Sometime next week, we will sign a new lease, good for at least a year, if not more. We don't have to pack or move or do anything besides enjoy what is left of our summer. Yay?

The question mark there is because--one final housing/dating analogy and then I'm giving this dead horse its last rites, I promise--I had already broken up with the Brady Bunch House. I'm really happy we got back together and all, but we're in that awkward moment right after we've made up and made out and we're not quite sure what just happened. Dusty had already packed up Halloween stuff yesterday and I was planning on packing up my office tonight. I had even photographed all the rooms, like I always do when I am saying goodbye to a house.

We're definitely relieved that we get to stay. We do love this house and we are saved the hassle and expense of moving. I just feel like we basically ran around in a circle all month long. It was a tense, angsty, sometimes yelly circle around banks and real estate brokers and landlords. At least now we can stop running. Whew! Unclench and unwind. A bit of rest and then on to bigger, better, wilder, wetter things! My ass feels a little better already.

During the full moon last night, Jamielita led Circle, invoking the Hindu mother goddess Bhuvaneshwari to help us find sanctuaries, safe places for our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Mother must have been listening closely; She decided to cut at least one of us a break. Namaste for letting me find my way back to this place, our place. Blessed be.

*It was either this or "What a Long, Strange Trip It Has Been". Thanks a lot, Karincita, for putting Lion King at top of mind. "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba / Sithi uhm ingonyama..."
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