Friday, August 31, 2007

Here With Me

"I'll do what I want / But I can't hide / I won't go / I won't sleep / I can't breathe / Until you're resting here with me"

When my niece was three years old, she fell down and scraped up her knee pretty bad. My sister carried her into the bathroom and proceeded to do The Worst Thing That Has Ever Been Done to Any Child Ever in the History of Humankind i.e. clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide and dress it with a bandage.

To calm the Munchkinface, I held her hand and scratched her back. I said, in the most soothing voice I could muster, "Almost done, brave girl. Almost done."

She looked down at her knee, on which was a bandage her mother was gently taping down. Then, she looked up at me, tears shining in her eyes, and said, "Almost done, Tita. Almost done."

Tita's heart went KA-SPLOOIE. "Almost done. Almost done." became our new family mantra, to be chanted every time we needed reassurance that something icky is nearly over.

Now that we are in the home stretch of our game, Dusty is working like a mad dog [and several Englishmen!] on the final polish. To those of you [HSUAN] who think that working at a video game company is a barrel of space monkeys, let me say: if you ever want to suck the fun out of video games, get a job designing them. Making stuff fun is hard work.

Every day, I see Dusty working his well-formed ass off. I watch him do the game design equivalent of pushing a bus full of jumpy one-eyed orphans and portly one-legged nuns through the snow, uphill BOTH WAYS. His "short days" last 11 hours. This weekend, he is doing some "long days". This means that after tonight, I will likely not see him again until Sunday evening, when we have dinner with friends. After that, the next time I see him will likely be on Tuesday morning, when we get up to go to work together.

On the long days, it's like I'm married to Sasquatch: No, no, seriously. I totally have a husband... Look! In the clearing! There he is! Quick! Where's my camera?! Thank Goddess we work in the same place so I can at least make sure he is eating right. I mean, SOMEBODY has to make sure he is getting his daily allowance of chocolate-covered cranberries.

What keeps us going, what keeps Dusty pushing that bus, is that a lot of people out there can't wait to play Mass Effect. We are going to be so proud when it comes out and we see that Dusty's hard work helped those orphans turn into fantastic space creatures [that you can shoot for XP!] and those nuns become HAWT space aliens [whom you can also shoot for XP!]. And I made sure all a dem orfuns and nones talked gooder!

Now that we have announced an official release date for this baby, the end really is near.

Tonight, I will enjoy a lovely Italian dinner with the love of my life. We will watch The Power of Ignorance, a play held over from Fringe because it got such rave reviews and sold out quickly. It no longer matters that we've mostly missed out on a glorious Edmonton summer together. It no longer matters that we're going to mostly miss out on the last long summer weekend together. We have tonight.

Almost done, Tita. Almost done.
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