Sunday, August 26, 2007

Poetry Sunday: turning LOVE into HATE

Breaking up is hard to do. Some people drink to cope; I write poems. I wrote this one when I was a young, dramatically angsty lass, but I can't say exactly when. I don't want to get into a Carly Simon situation where every one of her exes thought "You're So Vain" was written about him. (Dude, seriously, it's not about you, 'kay?)

I can say, however, that I wrote this at a time when boys still wrote me letters. On paper. Like Luddites. Sweet, lovely, romantic Luddites... who then became distant memories.

turning LOVE into HATE

it begins with
the uncertain attempt
to fill a void
while keeping a boundary line

that line is redrawn
almost inconspicuously
somewhere in the middle
of the first letter of LOVE

the struggle to keep
mine mine and yours yours
breaks the circle
the bond made after the first letter

one side becomes rigid
moves to hold up the boundary
drawn behind it
the other side reaches within

it brings up what had been pushed down
when the circle was made
that which once yielded becomes unbending
another line is drawn

two halves converging on common ground
split apart after the circle is broken
one half moves to uphold
the unyielding line behind it

the other half steels itself
to stand straight on its own
plays the role of survivor
to a tee

the only thing that remains
when LOVE turns to HATE
is a single letter
the final letter of goodbye
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