Monday, August 27, 2007

The Show Must Go On - Part 1

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies / Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die"

Fringe Festival--and therefore summer in Edmonton--is over for another year. I am going to spend the next week trying to wean myself off sparkly eyeshadow and cleaning up our house. It looks like the Party Faerie had a little too much drinky and horked up a bunch of gold glitter and red feathers all over the floor.

Then, Part 2 of this post will likely come when I've gotten a bit more sleep. For now, here are some photos of my infamously kooky costumes. This year's theme was (2)007: Live and Let Fringe! Every day also had Bond-related mini-themes.

08/17: Goldfinger Day - I'm #1! And wearing my fabulous emergency boa. (Thanks, Ling!)

08/20: Bond Music Day - I was supposed to be Sheena Easton. (Not Sheila E, Armando.) Sheena sang "For Your Eyes Only." I should've just worn the name tag by itself. That blouse is set to Stun. And my makeup slider accidentally clicked all the way to Whore. It's only one click away from 1980s Pop Star; easy mistake.

08/22: Bond Girls Day - Handcuffs for bondage (heh) and a belt o' kitties. Can you guess which Bond Girl I'm supposed to be?

08/24: Diamonds are Forever Day - Donations increased at our gate on this day. Dunno why...
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