Thursday, August 9, 2007


"She doesn't see the coming fall/She doesn't show no fear at all/Bring on autumn moon or driving rain/I only hope I see her face again"

Summer is winding down here in Edmonton. It got cold enough tonight that I needed jeans, a rain jacket, and two beers to ward off the chill at my very first Folkfest. What really kept me warm, though, was the company.

KPAX and I got there right around 6:00 pm, just as African Guitar Summit took the stage. We ate (must go back for more bul go gi, but the veggie curry and naan left something to be desired), had a couple of beers, and wandered around a bit. At the beer tents, we ran into Laurel and her friends Mike and Su, who kindly allowed us to crash their tarp. Thanks again! It was so nice to finally meet you two!

What a lovely late summer evening it turned out to be! The music was meh for the most part. We headed back to the beer gardens during Ralph Stanley's set. City & Colour was okay, but he misspelled his own band name. (Silly Canadian with your extraneous 'u'.) Nanci Griffith cleared the hill with her old-school hippie yawnfest. The people, though, were just adorable. See?

On Sunday, I'm bringing Dusty out to Folkfest with me to see Ozomatli (YAY!) and Michael Franti and Spearhead. I am SO excited!

Andy Donnelly, you'd better not stay too long backstage again. I'll be looking for ya right outside the CKUA booth, sir. I am determined to get a Wee Celtic Cuddle (TM).

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