Monday, August 20, 2007

Walking After Midnight

"I walk for miles / along the highway / Well, that's just my way / of saying I love you"

My Lunkhed Phu is moving to Vietnam in two weeks. I'm so happy and excited for him! He plans to do a lot of traveling around Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Hell, I'm excited for me. I have a place to stay in Vietnam and a free tour guide! Woohoo!

Ling, Glenna, JJ, Priya, Body: Phu wants me to tell you:
(a) He is moving to Vietnam in two weeks.
(b) Why? Here's why. (edited since first post)
(c) Hsuan is a lying rumormonger. Phu did not get anyone pregnant.

The news that one of my boys will be living even farther away has got me feeling a little nostalgic. Since enough time has passed, I think I can safely recount one of my favorite Phu memories. He might get mad, but what's he gonna do? Can't catch me from Vietnam! HAHAHA!

Anyway, one of my favorite Phu memories: We had been dating for a couple of months when I got an internship at Catholic Charities in Alexandria, Va. Phu rode the Metro down one random Thursday--an hour down and an hour back--just to bring me lunch. We sat at a stone table in the park and ate popcorn shrimp and cold egg sandwiches with Tabasco sauce, a picnic lunch that he had made himself. HEE! Nerd!

Pooh: I'll miss you! I can't wait to visit. Love & hugs & all that crap.

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