Thursday, September 27, 2007


"You've got to get up every morning / With a smile in your face / And show the world all the love in your heart / You're gonna find, yes you will / That you're beautiful as you feel"

As I get older, I am becoming more comfortable with the fact that I am [gasp] A GIRL. And not just any girl, but a girly girl. I like wearing skirts. I like shiny jewelry. I like having sassy hair.
I like wearing makeup.

Granted, I'm also a lazy girly girl. I hate shopping. I mean, REALLY hate shopping. I hate extremely bling-y jewelry that might get me mugged. Or at least mistaken for someone who has more money than I do. I hate spending too much time on hair or makeup. My morning routine includes just five minutes for hair and makeup. Mascara and lip gloss, ladies. Don't leave home without them.

My mom and sister are much better at this girl thing than I am. They buy me trendy clothes and jewelry. They recommend lotions and balms that they find delicious on their skin. My mom has a full arsenal of fashion/beauty tips that she has dispensed to me over the years. I've found some of them quite useful, so I share them here with you. I'm also sharing some of my own tips that I will pass on to my baby.* They work great for me; I hope you find them useful, too.

Three Tips from My Mama

1. How to Have Lovely Skin
- Always wear sunscreen.
- Drink at least eight (8) glasses of water every day.
- Moisturize after your daily shower.
- Wash all your makeup off every night.
- Do a mud or clay mask and full exfoliation once a week.
- Also once a week, on a day when you know you will be home all day, eschew all moisturizer. Allow your skin to breathe.

2. How to Apply Makeup
Eyeliner/shadow: Pull the skin of your eyelid tight so your eye makeup can glide on easier. If you're applying eyeliner underneath your eye, look up a little bit so you don't feel like you are poking yourself in the eye.
Blush: Suck in your cheeks so the highest, roundest part of your cheekbones [the "apples"] are visible. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and sweep toward your ear.
Lipstick: Apply lipstick and blot the excess with a tissue pressed in between your lips. After blotting, open your mouth and clean the lipstick off your teeth.

3. How to Clean Jewelry
Put your jewelry in a shallow saucepan with a drop of dishwashing liquid and just enough water to cover all pieces. Bring the water to a boil. After 7-10 minutes, drain the soapy water. Put clean water over the jewelry and boil for another five minutes. Turn off the burner, rinse the jewelry carefully, and let dry on a clean cloth. If the pieces have gemstones, be sure to brush the gemstones with a toothbrush so they sparkle.

Make sure to separate your metals - gold and silver should not mix when cleaning. [Mom never told me why this has to happen, but I assume that mixing the metals encourages a Silver Sharks vs. Gold Jets rumble. And who wants that? Nobody.]

Three Tips for My Baby**

1. How to Get Perfectly-Curled Eyelashes
As soon as you pinch down on the eyelash curler, start singing the pinball counting song from Sesame Street. When you reach "12", release the curler grips, and your eyelashes will be SO pretty. If you want more of a curl, say, for nighttime, sing the "doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doo-wah!" end part before you release the curler grips. Apply mascara to your curled lashes to emphasize the pretty.

2. How to Shop
- Know what you need to buy before you go to the store. Make a list for yourself and stick to it. Get in, get what you need, get out.
- Do not buy leggings. Unless you are buying them to wear to Pilates class like Mommy.
- Do not buy tapered pants. They are the devil's handiwork. You don't want to look like an ice cream cone. Trust me.
- Do not buy pleated pants. They will give you front butt, baby. FRONT BUTT.

3. How to Clean Silver [Including Jewelry]
Wet a soft, clean cloth. Put a small amount of regular toothpaste [not gel] on the cloth. Rub the toothpaste all over the piece you are cleaning; if you are cleaning a flat surface, rub in circles. Rinse off the toothpaste, pat dry, and enjoy the shine.

*No, I am not pregnant. Yet.
**Seriously, when I get pregnant and it's time for me to tell you, I'll tell you. Dang.
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