Wednesday, September 5, 2007


"Another day / Just breathe / I’m used to it by now"

Things I Say to Myself When I Ride My Bike to Work

  • don'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdie... Whew! That speed bump was frickin' HUGE!

  • I crashed there in the beginning of summer '06, and there at the end of that summer. They're only 20 feet apart. Either I suck or this is The Sidewalk of Death. And I don't suck.

  • You cannot outpedal that light. Trust me. Just wait on the corner and stay alive.

  • Curious Cookie: I wonder what would happen if my wheel ever caught on one of these potholes.

  • Wise Cookie: Shut up and keep pedaling over the goram potholes! Speed = balance!

  • I used to dread going up this hill, but now I totally own it. Thanks, Pilates class!

  • [upon reaching work] I made it! And I didn't die! Yay!
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