Monday, September 24, 2007

Three Little Birds

"Don't worry 'bout a thing / 'Cause every little thing is gonna be all right"

My dear friend Betsy--who lives in California's Canada [or Idaho's Portugal]--and I have a weekly appointment on Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Every Monday [or Tuesday, now that Heroes is back on - yay!], we sit down at our computers and chat for a few minutes or an hour, catching up. Goddess bless technology. Tonight, as she signed off to snuggle with her hubby and watch Heroes, she said, "Post something so I know you're okay." I'm glad someone outside Edmonton is still reading my wee blog.

So I haven't posted in almost a week because, well, Mass Effect is superclose to shipping and we are in the final stages of polish. These days, even I am running into the office in my sweats on a Saturday to fix critical text-related bugs. The game is already SO FRICKIN' AWESOME! Seriously, playtesting this game has turned me into a little bit of a gamer. I'm customizing and upgrading my equipment, swapping my squad depending on the level, getting all anal about my strategery in combat - it's kinda scary. I was actually considering going in yesterday, under the radar, just to play the game. It's going to be the perfect American Thanksgiving present to me and Dusty that our baby, this baby that we made with 180+ other people, will be going global in November. W00T!

Now, because we are so close to ship, Sasquatch has been spotted more frequently near his nesting area. That's right! Dusty is home! SQUEE! He made it down to zero bugs again today. ZERO BUGS! Tonight, he actually came home at 6:30 PM i.e. Normal People Quitting Time. I made a quick dinner and we watched the excellent animated Hellboy: Blood and Iron. Sure, Dusty was called back into the office to fix a couple of emergency bugs, but he came back quickly, just in time for us to watch the Heroes season premiere together. He is now happily ensconced in his underground cave, WoWing.

Yesterday, Dusty and I went for a lovely leisurely brunch at Flavours before he went to work for a few hours. I did laundry, read, napped, and then he came home while it was still daylight. A cold, overcast daylight, but daylight just the same. We got bundled up and went for a long walk in Snow Valley, collecting leaves and pine cones. He went back to work for a couple more hours, then we made dinner together and watched the best episode of Family Guy ever. It wasn't the perfect lazy Sunday, but we are almost... there...

See, Betsy? I'm okay. Hugs!
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