Friday, October 26, 2007


"I hate the world today / You're so good to me, I know / But I can't change / Tried to tell you but you looked at me like maybe / I'm an angel underneath / Innocent and sweet"

Dusty and I watched the three-part finale of Justice League Season Two last night. Damn, that is good TV. JL Season One was Folding Laundry TV, but Season Two had deeply engaging stories and real, believable characters. Also, I was right to hate her: it turns out Hawkgirl was a backstabbing, lying bird-spy. She went all Quisling on the planet that she had called home for five years! More importantly, she betrayed her friends and teammates! Yes, yes, she turned her coat back to help the JL once she figured out the Thanagarians' nefarious plan, bittersweet redemption at the end, blahblahblah. Hawkgirl is a BITCH.

Why? Okay, so the Thanagarians are building this giant generator, right, and they enlist the JL's help. The JL think that the generator is going to power a forcefield to protect the Earth from the Gondarians, the sworn mortal enemies of the Thanagarians. [Umm, hello, Justice League. RED FLAG, darlings.] When the fit hits the shan and it becomes clear that the Thanagarians are a bunch of filthy rotten bird-liars, and they used the JL as manual labor to make this weapon against the Gondarians, the JL is all, "It's on."

They fight, and fight, and fight, and fight, and fight. But the Thanagarians hit Superman with a kryptonite blast, the Flash with a gravity ray, and GL with a yellow-colored laser. For the first time in a long time, the members of the JL are handed their superasses.

How did the Thanagarians know the JL's weak spots? Hawkgirl filed detailed reports on each one of her friends, reports that included their greatest strengths and their greatest weaknesses. BITCH! When the Thanagarians finally encase Supes, Flash, J'onn, and GL in a forcefield cage, Hawkgirl approaches the cage and tries to talk to GL.

With a busload of hurt in his voice, GL says, "Whose side are you on?" She softly says, "Don't you know?" and makes these wee wounded sparrow eyes at him. GL's green eyes soften, too. And then. AND THEN. Hawkgirl whallops GL upside his head with her mace!

The last five minutes of that episode made Karincita and Tricky tear up [Tricky reportedly had some shit in his eye], but that moment--when Hawkgirl hits GL IN THE FACE at his most vulnerable time--kicked me square in the ovarios. I wanted to reach through the screen and give GL a big ol' hug. I know honeybee needed some hot cocoa and cookies right about then.

See, that's when I know I've been watching good TV. When I want to break the fourth wall and be part of the characters' lives, I know that the writers have done a great job making them real for me. So to the JL writers and creative team, I say, "ROCK ON WIT' YO' BADASSERY!"

And Hawkgirl? You stay away from Green Lantern or I will cut you.

"Bitch" by Meredith Brooks
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