Monday, October 1, 2007

Le [Geek]*

"Aaahh! [Geek] out! Le [Geek, Not] Chic / Listen to us / I'm sure you'll be amazed / Big fun to be had by everyone"

This year's Pure Speculation Festival [not a convention, a festival], Pure Spec III: The Search for Spec, is happening on October 13-14 here in Edmonton. It's organized by Worst Ninja Ever/Best Doowopper in Town, Stan Woo! There will be tabletop and pen-and-paper games, local artists will feature their work, comics-and-games stores will ply their wares, people will be wearing costumes that illustrate they have inordinate amounts of free time -- it will be an epic spectacle of geekery!

If you need one more reason: Trickster and I will be presenting a panel on Multiculturalism in Games. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I strongly support the fair representation of people of color in video games and media in general. Whenever I play a human character in video games--particularly RPGs--and there's an option to customize the character's appearance, I always make the character look a little bit like me: brown skin, almond-shaped eyes, dark hair, flat nose. I'm not narcissistic [much], but it is more fun if I can pretend it's me whomping on zombies. A stronger, faster me wielding a badass assault rifle, but me just the same.

So come on down and let your geek flag fly! Tricky and I would love to see your bright, shining faces at our panel. No, I will NOT wear my Princess Leia slave bikini outfit. I mean--er, um, ah... No, I do NOT have a Princess Leia slave bikini outfit.

*With a thousand apologies to Chic.
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