Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Things

"Ain't nothin' in the whole wide world / Like the peace that I have found / It's the little things / And the joy they bring"

I got into the elevator at work this morning and was followed shortly thereafter by a mom and her two little boys, presumably headed to the kid dentist office on the floor above mine. The boys were about three and five years old, with identical brush cuts and faces scrubbed clean. The three-year-old looked up at me curiously so I crinkled my nose and smiled at him. Then:

Three: [proudly showing me his Tonka truck] It's fixed!

Me: Awesome! That's great news!

Three: [big smile] It's fixed!

Five: [shows me what he is holding] Well, I have a race car. This is Hot Wheels!

Me: That's very cool. I like that shade of blue.

[My floor comes up and the door opens. I get out. The boys toddle after me.]

Mom: Uh, boys . . . BOYS!!!

I had to sort of gently push them back onto the elevator. As the doors were closing, I waved goodbye. Just before the doors shut, I saw that their faces were crestfallen.

They totally made my morning.

*Betsy, this song is by India.Arie.
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