Sunday, October 28, 2007

Poetry Sunday: 10,000 Letters

I once read that "great works are never finished; they're abandoned." I think this is especially true of poems. One can always tweak a word or a turn of phrase or the meter of a line to make a poem more perfect. Maybe this is why I love poetry so much. In a given year, I may only write a handful of poems, but with my penchant for constant editing, those poems can be steady work for years. I'm all about job security, baby.

I wrote the first version of this poem in May 2005, revised it slightly in June 2005, and revised it again just five minutes before posting it. The second version was published in Rags in Fall 2005.

10,000 Letters

Since the time of our separation
a president and a King have been killed
two and a half unjust wars have been waged
the Wall fell
everyone learned how to spell tsunami

I could’ve written you
10,000 letters
but I can barely read
10 letters
you wrote to me

I wish I knew
how many letters spell
I am sorry.

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