Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We Are the Champions

"I consider it a challenge before the whole human race / And I ain't gonna lose / We are the champions, my friends / And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end"

I just completed my first Mass Effect playthrough. Critical path took roughly 26 hours and I achieved Level 37. I found myself getting pretty emotionally invested in the game, especially in my henchmen. I'm usually not a play-with-henchmen kind of gal; I can't bear to play a hunter in World of Warcraft because I always feel bad sending in a cute widdle bear into a teeming sea of murlocs.

In ME, though, my henchmen helped me survive so many tough boss fights, I no longer worried about sending them in first. And I so enjoyed interacting with my henchmen that I gave them all nicknames. One of my favorites was Sexy Wrexy, my krogan grumpalumpagus.

Awww, Sexy Wrexy is so cute when he's about to rip your head off!

Over dinner last week, I excitedly related to Dusty--who has been too busy making the game to play through it--what kind of ammo and powers were really handy during which fight and what armor he might consider wearing when he goes through this one really tough level. After I finished speaking, he mumbled something about my "l33t gaming skillz" being "t3h hawt".

Then suddenly he yelled, "You shall be mine, Woman Warrior!" All my clothes fell off at the sound of his battle cry and my husband fell upon me like a zombie on brains.


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