Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home for the Holidays

"Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays / 'Cause no matter how far away you roam / When you pine for the sunshine / Of a friendly face / For the holidays, you can't beat / Home, sweet home"

Jiminy Jillickers, has it really been TWO ENTIRE WEEKS since my last post? I'm so sorry, Interwebs. When the holidaze hit me, they hit me hard. Have you missed me? Or have you just been catching up on all your other blogs on the side? No matter; we're together again at last. Now let's have a lovely spot of tea and catch up, hmm?

Christmas with my family was all about nonstop eating the moment Dusty and I landed in Baltimore. My sister and my mom split up the holiday feeding frenzy, with my sister serving a full-on turkey dinner for Noche Buena and my mom cooking up a giant Filipino feast on Christmas day. We opened presents on Christmas Eve, after Noche Buena, and the baby cleaned up. We will never have to purchase onesies for this kid. EVER.

Dusty and I saw two movies... make that three: Sweeney Todd with my brother and his new gal [The movie was okay. So is she. For now.], The Golden Compass with Munchkinface [Unanimous vote: better than Narnia.], and High School Musical 2. Even though he chose to sit out the viewing of HSM2, Dusty was frequently called into the living room to verify the "Albuquerque" locations in the movie. The Munchkin is a little bit thrilled that her uncle attended high school at the real-life analog to the movie's "East High School".

The Albuquerque leg of our trip was also about constant feasting; we stayed with Dusty's college roommate, who is a professional chef. One evening, we had a red wine tasting with a fantastic grilled chicken dinner, during which I discovered the wonder that is kale. We rang in the new year playing games like Blokus and Apples to Apples. Aww yeahh! We got so wild and woolly, we all had to go to bed by 12:30 AM. We woke up the next morning to a fabulous pancake breakfast and LOTS of Lego building with our friends' kids. I mostly made houses. Nesting? Who, 17.5-weeks-prego ol' me? Nahhh...

Whenever we spend time with these friends, we are always amazed at the level of self-confident genius exhibited by their kids. We are convinced that the seven-year-old will someday take over the world. He is a tech whiz who put together a Powerpoint presentation about magnets [with a video!] and pwned his dad on Star Trek trivia. His four-year-old brother is no slouch, either. This kid built a Lego Star Wars drone fighter with minimal help from his mom and Dusty. I think we were wrong; he's not the Pinky to his big brother's Brain. He's the #2 to his brother's Dr. Evil.

All in all, the trip was hectic and fun and crazy and lovely and exhausting and joyous, as predicted. Now we only have 30 more hours of holiday time before we go back to work. Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards and wishes and gifts. Happy New Year!

"Home for the Holidays" by the Carpenters. Yes, again. Yay Mighty Girl for introducing me to PictoBrowser!

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