Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Like Giants

"Especially girl giants / 'cause all girls feel too big sometimes / regardless of their size"

If you only see one movie about pregnancy this year, go see Juno. It's a lovely and often hilarious visit with witty, human characters. The success of a movie as quirky as this one largely depends on the casting, and the ensemble cast was perfect. Jennifer Garner is wasting her time on action movies and rom-coms. Her performance in this movie was subtly heartbreaking. Jason Bateman as her husband was also a nice surprise.

I loved that Ellen Page as Juno waddled once her bump started to show. Pregnant ladies waddle. I totally waddle. My belly isn't even that big, but that extra bit of blubber at the front of my body completely throws me off-balance. I hardly know where my body ends anymore. As KPAX said, it's like I'm driving a brand new car that I'm not used to yet. Yesterday at lunch, I returned from the restroom to find that I had a wet line across my belly from where I had leaned over the sink to wash my hands.

At one point in the movie, Juno's stepmom, Bren, [played by the awesome Allison Janney] verbally abuses the ultrasound technician scanning Juno's belly after the tech makes an inappropriate comment. Although Bren was--as Juno so eloquently points out--a dick, part of me got a small bit of satisfaction watching that scene. Finally an ultrasound tech was the receiver rather than the giver of unnecessary bitchery. I've talked to many women about their ultrasound experiences and nine times out of ten, the techs were curt, rude, and generally unprofessional, driving some women nearly to tears. And these were all female techs, too. Where's the sisterhood?

Seriously, whatup with that, ladies? Did someone pee in your soy latte? Did that person eat asparagus first? And did it happen on the exact morning that a pregnant woman came in for an ultrasound? I'm not sure how many of you are aware that you sometimes engage in this bitchery, but try to imagine yourself in the place of this emotionally vulnerable woman lying on your exam table.

She is probably feeling quite large, but not very much in charge, and she has probably just gotten over three solid months of blowing chunks every time she tries to breathe near coffee or soy milk or any other food. This ultrasound means bubkus to you because it's probably the 15th one you've done today, but it is her first and only one today and maybe for the rest of her pregnancy. So it is very important to her and her partner. How about just a tiny bit of universal love and human kindness? Karma will thank you later.

Anyway, go see Juno, y'alls. You might find that you like giants, too.

"I Like Giants" by Kimya Dawson. She also did a bunch of songs on Juno's soundtrack, though this one isn't one of them.
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