Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Sigh

Even in this age of iTunes and easy internet music downloads, I still like to buy the actual CDs if I know that the band does quirky and creative art direction for their album jackets or if I've attended the band's most recent concert to promote that particular CD. Both of these applied when I bought Time on Earth by Crowded House.

I opened up the CD to tuck my concert ticket in the back, behind the clear plastic casing that holds the disc in place. I flipped the pages eagerly, enjoying the fun, collage-style art framing the lyrics. I reached the page for "A Sigh" and . . . sigh.

Reflexively, I reached for my red pen and almost did this:

Maybe I take my job too seriously.

"A Sigh" by Crowded House, who need an editor who loves their music [hint hint]
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