Saturday, February 23, 2008

California Here I Come!

"Open up your golden gates!"

Snapshots from San Francisco:

  • The granny sitting near me in the airport food court is drinking water out of a ceramic Christmas mug she unwrapped from her purse, a leopard-skin tote with a red top. She's wearing big chunky rings on her fingers and two bracelets on each wrist. The bracelets are awful beaded monsters; I hope her grandkids made them for her. She checks the time on her red Betty Boop watch. It's time to board her flight. She adjusts her purple tortoiseshell glasses, drinks the rest of her water, and carefully wraps the mug back up to stash in her purse. I want to bake her a pie, she's so adorable.
  • Every other person is either chatting or texting on a cell phone, tapping on a laptop or Blackberry, and looking very important. I must be at the correct boarding gate for San Francisco.
  • What is this in the air here? Is it... is it... MOISTURE?!
    My hair: "Shape of bouncy curls! SPROING!"
    My skin: "Form of a thirsty drunk! GLUG GLUG!"
  • As we're walking to Fog City Diner to meet friends for dinner, Dusty and I both inhale deeply, hungrily.
    "What is that heavenly smell?"
  • Holy Moses on a candlestick! One of my favorite Fernando Amorsolo pastorals is hanging at the entrance to the gallery of Southeast Asian art at the Asian Art Museum! I miss you, San Francisco.
  • My old roommate and I are enjoying the warm sunshine on Pier 14. She is smoking what looks like a cigarette. She's getting more innovative, but she's still the same stoner girl I love.

"California Here I Come" by a singer I will look up when it is not 5 AM PST and I'm not suffering from insomnia or using a friend's computer. Update: Thanks to Karin's comment, I no longer have to look anything up. Yay!
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