Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come and Talk to Me

"Come and talk to me / I really want to meet you / Can I talk to you / I really want to know you"

This is the third time I've gone into the ladies' room to find the second and third stalls occupied by two ladies whose voices I know well by now. They whisper to each other in Mandarin Chinese and take turns flushing their respective toilets every 30 seconds or so. My heightened prego olfactory senses have never picked up any poop stink, so I think the flushing is just a ruse.

Stall #2 Lady has a low, nervous laugh. Stall #3 Lady talks like the older, wiser counselor. So far, I can only surmise that Stall #2 Lady's younger brother wants to try [go? pass?] something [or is it somewhere?], but Stall #3 Lady cautions that it's dangerous [maybe expensive?].

Curse my metal body! Especially my tin ear! Maybe tomorrow I'll bring my phrasebook in there with me. This is better than watching a Mexican soap opera!

See, Mom and Dad? I am too using my degree in Chinese language and literature.

"Come and Talk to Me" by Jodeci
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