Friday, February 8, 2008

Falling Slowly

"Falling slowly, eyes that know me / And I can't go back"

My celebrity crushes fall into three distinct categories:

  • Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have had VERY impure thoughts. Examples: Viggo Mortensen, Monica Belluci

  • Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get maaarried. Goin' to the Chapel of Looove! Examples: Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman

  • Let's snuggle on the couch with a cuppa tea and a DVD. May I bake you a pecan pie? Examples: This guy:

That's Glen Hansard, lead singer for the Irish indie rock band The Frames. Red hair? Check. Green eyes? Check. Looks like he smells like Ivory soap and sunshine? Check. Rides the bus [at least in the movie]? Check. siiigh...

Glen plays the "Guy" to Marketá Irglová's "Girl" in Once, which Dusty and I finally watched on DVD last week. This movie was never released in Edmonton theatres, despite getting rave reviews everywhere else. It is a chapter in the romantic yet realistic love story between two people who simply met at the wrong time. I think every one of us has a secret "What if?" love and this "What if?" story was so sweet and so true, it made my heart ache in long-forgotten spots.

My favorite scene in the movie was probably carefully crafted to tug at female heartstrings, and I was a total sucker for it. In a darkened room, the Girl plays a song on the piano for the Guy. The softly intense way the Guy looks at her communicates his longing and love for this woman. She gets a bit emotional toward the end of the song and stops playing. He tentatively reaches out to touch her, and she puts her head on his shoulder. You expect them to kiss, but they don't, and I was secretly glad they didn't. Like in all fairy tales, a kiss would have broken the spell.

Go see Once. It's the best musical I've seen this year.

"Falling Slowly" from the Once soundtrack

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