Monday, March 3, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

"Little darling / I feel that ice is slowly melting"

Dusty and I got home from our trip yesterday afternoon; we went from intermittent rain and sun to all snow all the time. At least it's "warm" out; only 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I'll post actual photos when I get it together, but for now, more snapshots. I miss all my lovely Pacific coast friends already.

  • On the way to our seats at Buck's in Woodside, I spot a table reserved for a party. Only the sign says, "Somewhat Reticent". The party eats their granola-encrusted waffles under the watchful eye of a tiny cast-iron Lenin.

  • My fabulous hula sister Gwen threw us a mini-baby shower, complete with a purple and green raspberry-filled cake and bunny bubble blowers. She knitted the baby a gorgeous poncho with a large pocket in front. Maybe it'll be an incentive for Button to figure out how hands and pockets work.

  • The best "Welcome back to Sunnyvale!" dinner at Saizo: Chicken gizzards and garlic sprouts, grilled squid with ginger-sesame dip, Mary's bawdy jokes and contagious laughter.

  • Ahhh... Nothing says "I'm driving on I-280" like the smell of skunk.

  • Lesson learned: flats are the pregnant woman's worst travel shoe choice. Owie!

  • My Seattle massage therapist's name is Calm Israel. I hope she finds true love with someone named Pacify Palestine.

  • At Ling's birthday dinner, I watch as a piece of oxtail meant for my mouth rolls down my chin, onto my right boob, across my belly. It bounces twice on my pants before it falls to the floor. I can't see where it went because my belly is in the way. Oh, the humanity.

  • Ling and I are on the couch, snorting, crying, laughing. Our faces are red and I have a stitch in my side. Her husband, Kent, walks by and shakes his head. "It's really a shame that you two never learned how to get along, even after all these years."

  • Sweet Hi'iaka-ika-poli-o-Pele! Outside the wonderful Kona Kitchen, there is a flyer advertising a ho'ike happening at the South Seattle Community College in two weeks! The women in the photo are wearing REAL lei! Their pa'u look handmade! The okina is in the right place in "ho'ike"! Why do I live here and not there?! Oh, right. Socialized medicine.

  • David, one of my parenting idols, says to the boys, "Stop eating all that fruit. We have pizza and hot dogs coming for lunch."

  • We used to talk about movies we had seen, books we had read, concerts we had attended, trips we had taken. During our last night in Issaquah, we talked about blowouts and the importance of carrying around an extra set of clothes for your baby and yourself. On the very day that you forget, you will find yourself in the middle of a poonami*. It's the new Murphy's Law.

"Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison. *Phrase coined by my friend Corey Andruko.

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