Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's a Shame about Ray

"Some things need to go away / It's a shame about Ray"

According to this article in Paste Magazine, the Lemonheads are reissuing their 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray this week, and they're planning to come out with a new album next month. I am SO confused. I thought Evan Dando had become just a lyric in a Barenaked Ladies song. Am I the only one scratching her head over this? Am I the only one who has heard that this is even happening? Or is this so six months ago and I'm just catching up?

I suppose it could be argued that the Lemonheads were among the forefathers of catchy, angst pop-rock, but I wouldn't call Ray a classic. At least not one worthy of a reissue just 16 years later. It's not even an anniversary reissue! If there's any album worth reissuing from 1992, it would be Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes. [That's the album I voted for in Paste's poll accompanying the Ray reissue announcement.] Tori would probably do something beautiful and bizarre to the original songs, to make the reissue truly unique.

Here's what really gets me: on, the original 1992 CD is selling for $9.00 and the "Collector's Edition" is $21.00. And for what? A few live tracks and demos? Can you imagine Evan's pitch for this project? "Dude, I blew all my money on heroin and Courtney Love, but I have a genius idea to make more. Here's our demo tape and some live footage. That's gotta be worth an extra $12.00, right?" As Dusty said, what do you expect? He's a lemonhead.

This is probably the most honest review of the reissue: "Bonus demos and a DVD of videos and footage of Dando during his Aussie stint play mildly interesting, but they mostly remind one of how royally Dando fucked up what might have been." Ah, well. Lock up your daughters and your drugs, y'all. THE LEMONHEADS ARE BACK!

"It's a shame about Ray" by the Lemonheads
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