Monday, April 7, 2008

What About Everything?

"What about aeroplanes? / And what about ships that drank the sea? / What about the moon and stars? / What about aliens? / What about when buildings fall? / What about that midnight phone call, / the one that wakes you from your peace? / Well, I am not in need."

And so it begins. Yesterday, Dusty and I spent nearly three hours in two different stores researching, testing, and finally buying a stroller/baby carrier/car seat travel system very similar to this. We researched and tested other items, too, but we're trying to only get things as we need them. I've never done this before, so beyond the travel system, I don't know for sure what would be handy.

Okay, I'm lying. Of course I've made a checklist of other baby gear that we might need or want based on what I've found out from my sister and friends and interwebs research. Think I'd unpucker for something as important as my baby's well-being? Shyeah. Now I just need a quick bullshit check on my list.

Just this morning, Tricky and I discussed the merits of having a pack-and-play porta-crib. My friend Mac, who has four children, found it indispensable. I'm torn about getting one because, seriously, how many cribs does my child need? We already inherited a nice standard crib from a co-worker and we're getting one of these for the early days when we will all just be getting used to our new little family.

Tricky believes the pack-and-play is really only handy when we travel to places with no crib available for the baby. I think we could use it during those two weeks in August when it gets sweltering hot in Edmonton and everyone sleeps in the basement, or as an extra crib when Button's baby cousins and friends visit, or as a playpen in the living room. Or, you know, not. Betsy used a laundry basket as a playpen and her kids turned out just dandy. And, as Tricky and I concluded, babies will sleep just about anywhere as long as there's a food source nearby.

We have right around nine weeks to go before this wee beastie arrives and I'm walking that very fine line between excited to meet him or her and worried that I'm not prepared to do so. I know that babies need very little to be happy in the first few weeks and months of their lives, but I would rather be overprepared than underprepared. Right now I'm feeling underprepared and a little overwhelmed. We don't even have the baby's room cleaned or painted yet because it's still too cold and snowy outside to open a window for ventilation. Stupid arctic tundra!

What is the ONE piece of baby gear that you found was key to your sanity and your baby's well-being?

"What About Everything?" by Carbon Leaf
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