Friday, May 2, 2008

Can I Get a Witness?

"See him treat me so unkind / A-somebody, a-somewhere / Tell him it ain't fair . . . / Somebody? / Is it right to be treated so bad?"

On E! Online this morning: "[Nicole Kidman] is set to star as iconic '60s British pop singer Dusty Springfield, whose less than stable private life was marred by mental illness, substance abuse, and dalliances with the fairer sex before her death in 1999 from breast cancer."

I realize that E! Online is a celebrity gossip rag, so they're not exactly going to deliver stories with just the facts, but they listed Dusty's sexual preferences among the events that "marred" her life. 'The hell?! What are you trying to say? "Not only was this lady the Mayor of Crazytown, she done did the drugs! AND! And she was one a' dem LESBIANS! She died from having cancer in her BOOBS. Coincidence?"

It's frickin' 2008, E! Online. Stop being an ignorant jackhole.

"Can I Get a Witness?" by Dusty Springfield
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