Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please Don't Go, Girl

"You would ruin my whole world / Girl, you're my best friend / I will always love you"

My sister and I finally got to chat on the phone on Sunday and she told me she was planning to get tickets for the New Kids on the Block reunion concert in Washington, DC, in mid-October. When we first found out about this reunion, Mar and I talked about going to the Baltimore-area show together. I thought it might be fun to see New Kids up onstage again, even if they are no longer new nor kids. After all, the Knight brothers still looked yummy, and a small part of me wanted to support them during their midlife crises.

AND THEN. And then I saw this:

I am SO embarrassed for them. I just want to wrap each of them in our old New Kids on the Block bedsheets . . . and lovingly bury them in our backyard. Deep. Like we did with our poor bunny, the beloved namesake of the Knight brothers, Jordan Jonathan, when he died a horrible death.

So when Mar asked me whether or not she should get me a ticket, I said, "I'm already flying out in November for Daddy's birthday, so I can't really afford to go in October, too." That's sortof the reason, but mostly it's that I cannot, will not, watch NKOTB's careers die their horrible deaths onstage.

My sister doesn't have time to read this blog, but just in case: Oh, Marishka. Don't let your--nay, our--happy memories be tainted by this train wreck. Please, girl. Don't go.

"Please Don't Go, Girl" by NKOTB
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