Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Simple Kind of Life

"I always thought I'd be a mom / You seem like you'd be a good dad / Now all those simple things are simply too complicated for my life"

Hi Interwebs. I haven't talked to you in a while. Have you been doing all right? Are you eating your vegetables and getting enough sleep? Yeah, me neither.

The last two weeks have been all baby prep all the time. Today marks 37 weeks of gestation, so we've been trying to check off a bunch on our "things to do and buy before baby arrives" list on our kitchen whiteboard. Dusty finally got a chance to paint the baby's room on Mother's Day weekend [how appropriate] and he set up the crib and bureau soon afterwards. I washed and folded all the baby's clothes and put them away in the bureau. I put on the crib sheet, set up the diaper changing station, and put away the few toys we already have in this pirate-y toy chest. At lunchtime today, we bought the final piece that goes into the room: a glider rocker. The room isn't decorated yet, but it's ready for the baby to live in it.

Other than that, I feel a little bit like we're getting ready for Armageddon; we really should stock up on chocolate. We've already stocked away seven microwave-ready dinners in the freezer; we'll make at least three more by the end of the week. When we were in the Bay Area, Dusty and I bought two more sets of Cal-King sheets so we can be ready to change the bedding at any point while the baby is sleeping with us. We each bought an extra pack of underwear so we don't feel pressured to do laundry during the baby's first week. We've bought enough toiletries and toilet paper to last for three months, and enough diapers and wipes for the baby's first month. We hope.

As I check off all these to-dos and must-haves, I can't help but wonder when having and raising a kid became so involved. Who decided that kids had to ride in car seats? My generation, the ones now having babies of our own, grew up just fine without them. One of my fondest memories of a car trip is lying down on the floor of our Toyota Corolla, feet up on the backseat, watching the dawn sky change colors.

Furthermore, babies survived for hundreds of years in this arctic tundra without baby wipe warmers--Hell, who needs wipes in the first place when you have wet washcloths?--so who decided it was necessary? I mean, I have one because Karincita recommended it [and gave me one - thanks!], and I'm sure it will come in quite handy when the temperature drops to minus 45 in a few months, but I never thought I would own one.

I'm sure there were things our ancient ancestors did to prepare for the arrival of their offspring during this nesting phase, too. Mama Cave Bear may not have spent an entire day getting the craft/guest room organized and cleaned BECAUSE IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, but more than likely she gathered fresh straw to give birth upon. And Daddy Cave Bear didn't have to worry about getting the right kind of newborn diapers [the ones with the cutout for the umbilical cord], but he probably staked out where he would hunt for extra meat for his growing family. Still, those things are so simple, so basic. Not at all like making sure that the infant car seat is installed according to government safety regulations before we even go to the birthing centre.

What did YOU do when you were nesting?

"A Simple Kind of Life" by No Doubt
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