Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ready to Go

"You sleep, too deep / one week is another world / Big mouth, big mouth / drop out, drop out / On the rooftops shouting out / Baby, I'm ready to go"

My hands, wrists, and shoulders alternate between numb and sore. My back is giving out and no amount of pillows support me well in bed. My midsection feels like my inner dominatrix is constantly tightening and loosening the stays on my corset. And she's not being gentle about it. My toes and fingers are painfully swollen. I can barely get my hands around each other to make a church and a steeple and when I open it up to see the people, they are all fat and stumpy!

I want to work in my garden, but sitting on the ground hurts my tailbone and squatting for too long with no back support makes my legs go numb. I want to walk around the block, but just walking around the front and back yard this morning to pull exactly five weeds wore me out. I want to sleep when Dusty sleeps, but the alien parasite inside me has decided that human beings don't sleep at 11:30 PM. We apparently only sleep in the middle of the day, for an hour or two at a time, in between eating and running to the bathroom.

I am so very, very tired of being pregnant.

Oh Taweret, ancient goddess of childbirth and protector of women, I invoke thee. This child is due in one week. Help me get through these last few days. And please don't let this kid be on Pilipino time.

I am SO ready to go.

"Ready to Go" by Republica

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