Saturday, June 28, 2008

That Face

"Those cheeks, that neck, that chin / Will surely do me in"

Oh my god, you guys. My baby is the most adorable baby EVER. I've seen a lot of cute babies in my time , but holy crap my baby is the cutest. Every day I have a full meal with her cheeks as appetizer, her neck as an entree, and her chin for dessert. Yummers nummers!

Diana's Lolo and Lola arrived today from Baltimore for a week-long visit and they noticed that she's a very smiley baby. I know that her "smiles" are really just her getting used to her face, so I'm trying not to read anything into her expressions. I do admit it's fun guessing the various personalities she is trying out.

I call this one Morty, the glad-handing used car salesman: "How ya doin'? What would it take to get you into this gawgeous Chevy Impala?" [Check out that fabulous male pattern baldness.]

This one is Scar, the Pirate Who Only Says "Yarrr!" [Yes, she scratched up her face. Stupid muscle control.]

Gollum wantss the Preciouss!

DJ Kidlat in the hizz, dropping beats like hotcakes! Holla!

The newest one in her repertoire surfaced on Thursday. My baby transformed into [le gasp] Oprah: "I feel your pain, sisterfriend."

So, yeah. My baby is awesome. She's eating, sleeping, and pooping like she's been doing it all her life. I may not be able to post very much for a while, but I'm sleeping way better than expected for someone with an 11-day-old; like four hours at a stretch sometimes. [I just jinxed myself, didn't I?] It wouldn't be possible without my fantastic partner and husband, who is an expert at diaper duty and kitchen cleanup. Go Team Everman! Now with Diana, Wonder Baby!

"That Face" from The Producers

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