Monday, September 8, 2008


"The monsters seem to fade so fast / Upon the waking of another dream / . . . / And you're okay because you're tucked away"

It's been three days since our car was vandalized. The police report was filed and the driver's side window has been replaced. It sucked that Dusty spent part of his afternoon off filing the report at the police station and cleaning up broken glass from the car, but nobody was hurt. Dusty was inside the movie theater when the break-in happened and Diana and I were at home. The thieves only took the iPod radio converter and Diana's diaper bag. Nothing of serious monetary value was stolen, but I feel really violated. In taking the diaper bag, they stole from a baby. My baby. Surely there's a special layer of Hell reserved for that. If only I weren't so fastidious about keeping that backpack clean and well-stocked; those jackholes could've at least opened up the bag expecting some good shit, only to find a ripe, fermenting diaper.

I know that logically, the things in that diaper bag were just things, but they're not. The embroidered sun hat that Diana wore to Folkfest is not just a thing. There are three faint yellow dots on the top of that hat, three dots that earned Dusty a stern talking-to for dripping veggie curry on his child's head. And now it's gone. As are the cute pink fleecy sweater and sweatpants I found on sale. And the ear plugs in the front pocket, in case we take her to the movies or a concert. A Mommy-and-Daddy pouch [a batik purse from my cousin] that contained dental floss, lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, and an emergency $20. The hooded teddy bear blanket from Charles and Bianca. One of the blankets that Corey's mom made when Liz was pregnant with Claire. The more items I realize were in that diaper bag that I now have to replace, the more upset I become. That diaper bag was packed with love.

Right after the incident happened, Karincita and Tricky swung by our place with a six-pack of Negra Modelo and a backpack filled with some baby care essentials like wipes, washcloths, aloe vera gel, and hand-me-downs from the boys. They added a new layer of love to Diana's replacement diaper bag. At least I can say that for every punk who would smash a window in the middle of a Friday afternoon just to steal a backpack, there are two ridiculously awesome people who would take time out of their afternoon off to make their friends feel like the world is not such a terrible place after all.

"Safe" by Travis
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