Monday, October 20, 2008

Dinner at Eight

"No matter how strong / I'm gonna take you down / With one little stone / I'm gonna break you down"

Scene from Dinnertime for the Sons of Karincita and Tricky:

Tita: Come sit at the table, guys. Time for dinner.

Monchichi: What's for dinner?

Tita: You have a sandwich and your brother has some cut-up veggies and goodies.

Monchichi: A sandwich is not dinner.

Tita: No? Then what's dinner?

Monchichi: I want pasta and chicken* and broccoli . . . Please.

Tita: Yyyeah . . . How about the yummy sandwich your mom lovingly made for you?

Monchichi: Okay. Can I have a cookie after?

Tita: Sure. Just one.

Monchichi: How about two? The monkeys in the barrel want a cookie, too.

Tita: Eat your sandwich and we'll talk.

- End Scene -

This kid could have a promising career as a diplomatic negotiator.

"Dinner at Eight" by Rufus Wainwright, though really the boys ate dinner at seven.
*I assume he means veggie "chicken".
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