Monday, November 17, 2008

Swing of Things

"'Sleep', you wrote, 'Sleep, my dear' / in a letter somewhere / Oh, but how can I sleep / with your voice in my head / with an ocean between us / and room in my bed"

My darling daughter is going to kill me with sleep deprivation. Right now, she is snoring happily next to her father, but she'll be awake again in an hour, I'm sure. She has been waking up every two hours lately, as if she is five weeks rather than five months old. During the day, she's rather clingy and wants to be near me at all times. It's not so bad when she's happy and can play on her mat while I work in the kitchen nearby, but sometimes she is Unhappy. And when she is Unhappy, there is Wailing. Long, plaintive, sad, and loud. MY daughter with a flair for the dramatic? Who'da thunk it? According to books and websites and my girlfriends, she is so out of sorts because she's ramping up to something developmentally huge, like teething. Oh dear. I have to steel myself for The Wailing To Come.

Diana has actually had a few developmental milestones since my last big update. She's gotten really good at rolling from her tummy onto her back. She has learned to scooch around on her mat by rolling; gone are the days when I can put her down and come back to find her exactly where I had left her. A couple of times she has rolled completely off the mat in my office and started reaching for the computer cables underneath my desk. What a good geek baby.

She had her first taste of rice cereal just before Hallowe'en and has now tried pureed carrots and barley cereal. Yesterday, she gummed her way through a couple of rice crackers and she seemed to enjoy being able to hold her food by herself for the first time. Her first foray into the swimming pool on Saturday was a bit more ambiguous; she seemed quiet and detached, but she was clearly observing everything and everyone around her, especially the little kids swimming and splashing around.

About two weeks ago, she watched her first presidential victory speech while cuddled up with me and her father on the couch. Elections are always important, but this one held so much more weight for us. We were voting for our daughter's future. So it gives me hope that America elected its first African American president in her lifetime. I was saddened and dismayed that Californians cared more about the welfare of farm animals than the civil rights of their gay brothers and sisters, but at least Obama addressed every American in his speech, including gay and straight. The journey is long and I guess we were only ready to take one step forward at a time.

So yeah, it's been a busy month. I hope you understand why I've been gone all this time, Interwebs. I do miss you, and I think about you often, but given the choice between napping and updating my blog, napping will always win. I guess I'm not cut out to be a real mommy blogger, eh? Ah, well. Time to crawl back into bed before the next bout of Wailing begins.

"Swing of Things" by a-ha
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