Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poetry Sunday: Boom Diana

All right, so not all my creativity is channeled into homemaking. Some of it still goes to poetry . . . sortof. This is a song I made up for Diana, modeled after the Discovery Channel's version of "Boom De Ah Dah". Every time the commercial comes on, Dusty and I sing these words and Diana giggles. She knows the song so well now that when she is unhappy about something, I sing a few lines of this song and she halts her tirade just long enough to listen and smile. Then life is good.

Boom Diana

I love her Mohawk
I love her brilliant eyes

I love her lashes
They curl up to the skies

I love my baby
She is so beautiful

Boom Diana [Repeat 4x]

I love her silly grins
I love her button nose

Love her phalanges
I love her teeny toes

I love my baby
She is so wonderful

Boom Diana [Repeat 4x]

I love her elf ears
I love her rosy cheeks

I love her giggles
I even love her shrieks

I love my baby
She is the sweetest girl

Boom Diana [Repeat 4x]

*Thanks Discovery Channel! Original lyrics to "Boom Diana" by Cookie Everman
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