Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday I'm In Love

"I don't care if Monday's black/ Tuesday Wednesday heart attack / Thursday never looking back/ It's Friday I'm in love"

It's midsummer in Edmonton and we're just now getting some real summer weather. After weeks of storms and chilly winds, the temperature climbed to about 30C today, and I'm actually wearing a tank top. Hallelujah!

Juggling our professional and personal lives has been a bit of a challenge lately. At work, we are approaching a huge deadline with Mass Effect 2, and as expected, The Shit has been hitting the fan with alarming velocity. Although there has been no "official" crunch, most of the writers and about half the design team has put in crunch hours. Dusty has been going back to work nearly every evening after we have tucked Diana in. I have gone back into the office a couple of times after Diana's to bed, but I'm able to remotely access my work systems, so I'm lucky I can work most of my crunch hours from home. [Did I just say lucky?!]

At home, we are just trying to survive until our deadline. All three of us have been sick at various times in the last six weeks: coughing, flu, eye allergies, fever. During the last week, Diana has been waking up coughing in the middle of the night, and can only go back to sleep in our bed. Poor monkeypants even celebrated her first birthday last month with the worst cold and fever she has ever had. She barely stayed awake long enough to demolish her chocolate cake, and the three of us went to bed early that night.

We are subsisting on pasta, fruit, and takeout, with the occasional indulgence of a real home-cooked meal. Our living room has been doubling as our closet, where we pick our clothes from baskets of clean, unfolded, wrinkled laundry. I recently taught Diana how to use the spray bottle, so I can say I "mopped" when I wipe up the water she has sprayed all over the kitchen floor. We're excited to have Greg and Shay come to visit us next weekend, not only because we love and miss them, but also because out-of-town guests means we have to clean the house, crunch be damned.

The bright spot in this Semi-Sucky Summer is, of course, Diana. She has been growing and changing daily; we can hardly keep up. Some highlights from the last month alone:

  • She took five steps toward me, all by herself, when I came to pick her up one afternoon at daycare. Just two days before that, she had climbed up and down the stairs at a friend's house.

  • About two Saturdays ago, she said to Dusty, "Mama" and pointed in the direction of our bedroom, where I was taking my turn to sleep for another hour. She was asking Dusty to take her to me. Thankfully, Dusty patiently explained that Mama had another few minutes of sleep on the meter, and I got my full hour.

  • Dusty came to the sentence "with the eyes of a tiger" in a bedtime story and she shouted triumphantly, "EYES!", poking at her eye with a huge grin on her face. She then identified "nose" and "ears" on both me and Dusty. Later, I asked her where my "ilong" and "tenga" ["nose" and "ears" in Tagalog] are, and she pointed them out correctly.

  • She has been signing "all done", "more", and "milk" pretty regularly. She has her own sign for "stinky/bantot": holding her nose and scrunching up her face. She will sometimes do this to let me know she has a poopy diaper. Pretty handy, that.

  • More words: Mama/Mommy, Daddy, baby, dede [breast/breast milk], Hi/Hi there, Bye, p'ease, Pooh, bird, book, nose, and cheese. This evening, as I lowered her into her tub, she smiled and said "bath" for the first time.

  • When we ask her for a hug or a kiss, she [mostly] happily complies. She loves blowing kisses, too.

  • She has been feeding herself with a spoon or fork, and successfully getting about one out of every eight shovelfuls into her mouth.

This weekend is the last weekend Dusty will have to work, at least for a while. I'll be able to catch up on some chores and errands, and then we will try to enjoy the lovely summer weather with a family trip to the park. Next Friday is our big deadline, then Greg and Shay visit for four days. The Wednesday after they leave, our wee family will go see Sarah McLachlan and Tracy Chapman in concert, then we're heading to Austin for a few days. Semi-Sucky Summer is getting better and better.

"Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure