Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Second Time Around

"Love is lovelier, the second time around / Just as wonderful, with both feet on the ground / Who can say what led us to this miracle we've found / There are those who'd bet / Love comes but once - and yet"

Scene from Evermans in Canada, Season 5, Episode 140, "Did it ever!":

It is a typical Wednesday morning in the Everman household and everyone is half-asleep in Cookie and Dusty's bed, including Diana, who had woken up, crying, around 3 AM. It is now four hours later and the alarm will ring in about 20 minutes, but Cookie realizes she can't hold it that long and gets up to pee.

Cookie's period is at least 10 days late. She dutifully follows the instructions on the pregnancy test, which shows a bright purple plus sign before she is even done with her business. Cookie laughs, then finishes up and washes her hands. She walks back to the master bedroom, where Dusty is stirring awake.

Cookie: Guess what?

Dusty: You're pregnant, aren't you?

Cookie: Yup.

Dusty: I knew it. When you had me buy you that test last night, I knew it.

Cookie: Well, we did ask the Universe to decide if and when we should have another kid. And did it ever!

Dusty: Do you know when this might have happened?

Cookie: [thinks a moment] You know, I think it might have been on Father's Day.

Dusty: [smirks] Damn, I'm good.

Cookie climbs back into bed, and Diana stirs a little, rooting for dede. Cookie arranges Diana around her left breast and Dusty turns off the shrieking alarm. The couple talks a bit about what the future holds. They recall how tiny Diana was when she was first born and they both stare wistfully at their daughter for a while. When Diana is finished nursing, she wakes up and flashes her brightest "GOOD MORNING!" grin, prompting the whole family to begin their daily routine. As Dusty is changing Diana's diaper, Cookie prepares the backpack of supplies for daycare.

Cookie: [to Diana] Are you going to be a good big sister?

Diana: [shakes her head "No".]

Cookie and Dusty: HEE!

Dusty: Do you even understand what we're saying?

Diana: [nods her head "Yes."]

Cookie: This is going to be fun.

- End Scene -

This wee Peanut is just shy of 15 weeks today, and due in mid-March of next year. Things are going well so far and we are excited for Diana to have a sibling close to her age. Now if only naps came in cans. We need several cases of the stuff.

"The Second Time Around" most famously by Frank Sinatra

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