Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Bedtime Story*

Every night, as part of our bedtime ritual, Diana gets three books, two stories, and one song. A few weeks ago, when I was battling strep throat and the flu, my prescription-drug-addled brain could not muster up one decent story. So I asked her to tell me a story.

Diana: What kind of story would you like to hear, Mama?

Mama: I'd love to hear a story about zebras.

Diana: Okay, so once upon a time, there was a family of zebras. A daddy, a mama, and two sister zebras. They were going for a walk in the jungle. I love walks, don't you, Mama?

Mama: I do love walks.

Diana: Anyway, the zebras were just walking in the jungle when suddenly, some big winds came out of nowhere and blew on them! It was the Wind Blowers!

Mama: Oh no! The Wind Blowers! That's terrible!

Diana:Yeah! And they tried to run away, but the Wind Blowers kept blowing and blowing wind on the zebras and the zebras were like, "Hey, stop it!" but they just wouldn't stop. So the zebras piled some sticks in front of a tree and hid behind them, but that didn't work. The Wind Blowers just blew the sticks away!

Mama: Oh dear. What happened next?

Diana: Well, the zebras decided to build a tent to hide in. The best place to hide from monsters is in a tent. Right, Mama?

Mama: Right.

Diana: So the zebras zipped up the tent and the wind stopped. But then they felt themselves going higher up and higher up. And when they unzipped the tent, they saw that they were way up in the clouds! The zebras stepped out onto a cloud and then they thought that it would be a good idea to get back down to the ground. So they got out of the tent and hopped from cloud to cloud to find a way down. [Diana's tone changes and her voice drops to a whisper.] Suddenly, a new guy appeared in the clouds. It was the Zebra Horse Guy! And he was looking for the zebras!

Mama: Who's the Zebra Horse Guy?

Diana: [Said in a tone suggesting I really should know] He's the father of all the zebras, Mama! He started looking for the zebras in the tent, but he couldn't find them there. So he hopped onto the next cloud and the next, and then he saw black and white stripes in a cloud and he hopped over there because he thought it was a zebra, but it was just his eyes tricking him. Isn't that just so silly? [Diana laughs softly. Mama smiles in agreement. Then there is a big yawn and a long pause.]

Mama: Diana, are you going to tell me the rest of the story?

Diana: [Big yawn and rubbing of eyes] I'm thinking about it. [long pause] Okay, so finally, the Zebra Horse Guy hopped off the last cloud and he saw the zebra family and he started chasing them. And then, well, the zebra daddy turned around and said, "Why are you chasing us? That's not very nice." And then... [big yawn] And then... [rubbing of eyes] And then the Zebra Horse Guy said, "I just wanted to take a walk with you, but you kept running away." The zebra daddy said, "Oh, well, come on, then." And so the whole family went for a walk in the jungle. [softly] And then I think that's the end.

Another thrilling story undone by the Sleepies. Ah, well. It was still better than anything I could've mustered in my state. And now I know where to hide from monsters.

*I know it's not a song title, and there are no lyrics, as per the tradition of my blog posts. Sometimes I only have five minutes at a time to write. Looking for songs and lyrics to fit what I want to write about was taking up too much of that time and I kept putting off posts because I didn't have time to find matching songs. I decided to get out of my own way and just write.
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