Monday, December 30, 2013

He Hawaii Au

"He loa ka helena ma ke ala hele /  E huli i wahi ma keia ao / Maopopo a ua 'ike ho'i / Ka home  i loko o ku'u pu'uwai"

I first learned to dance this mele, "He Hawaii Au" ("I am Hawaiian") three years ago. Since then, I have danced it at least a dozen times, and it is one of my favorite numbers in our halau repertoire. It was a struggle at first, learning this hula. Then I really focused on the meaning of the words:

"Long was my journey on the path / To seek a place in this world / I now clearly see and understand / The home within my heart"

It clicked for me that this hula is a journey, my journey. I reached into my na'au, my pusod, my center, and danced it out. Hula is the first dance form that I have truly connected with on different levels. I am not Hawaiian, but I feel a deep connection with the islands, and feel at home whenever I go there. 

I think each of us searches for a home: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual. This blog was once a home for me, but I had abandoned it for a long time. Like the singer of "He Hawaii Au", I had to go away from home for a while to find a path into the home within my heart.

So, today this blog is renovated, reborn, reinvigorated. Geeky Hippie Musings is now Hippie Hula Mama! The new name is a better reflection of who I am right now, and what I will be writing more about in the coming months and maybe years. I'm still geeky, but my hippie side has come more into focus as I've settled into my most important role and job: mama. As for hula, well, it has become a lifestyle around here. The Everman home is a happy hapa haole hippie hula hale! 

Aloha! It is day one.

He Hawaii Au by Cazimero Brothers
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