Monday, February 2, 2015

Shine Your Way

The Croods is a surprisingly witty and fun movie, with a nice message about making your own way in a changing world. We’ve watched it a couple of times now, and it’s become a new family favorite. The catchy theme song, Shine Your Way, resonated with me:

"Open road but it’s still dark / Build a fire from a spark / And shine, shine your way / Feed the feeling in your heart / Don’t conceal it then you’ll start / To find, find your way"

As a textbook Sagittarius, I am pretty good at building a fire from a spark. I get excited over new ideas and projects, and start a few fires at once. Those fires burn fast, hot, and bright, then burn out quickly from the effort. That's not working for me anymore, and I want to make a change.

Inspiration for this change came from Shine Your Way, as well as the Clan Mackenzie motto*: Luceo non uro. It's been almost two months since my birthday, but I've spent a lot of time writing and meditating on my intentions and what's next for me. My goal this year is to shine, not burn, and fearlessly follow my light wherever it may lead.

On my 40th Trip Around the Sun, this is my offering to the Universe.

In the name of Fire, I will write, dance, create, love, and teach with passion and dedication. I will radiate the warmth and light of aloha to my family, friends, and community. I will light a fire under my proverbial ass to pursue my dreams of becoming a published poet and a steadily-working writer.   

In the name of Water, I will reflect and carry the light of inspiration where it can be most nourishing, cleansing, and healing. I will think, speak, and act with clarity and transparency, to help me live with more honesty and integrity.

In the name of Earth, I will continue to be grounded and realistic about my time, resources, and energy, so that the fire at my core doesn’t burn out. I will actively engage in my growth as a person and artist, as well as the growth of my children and students.

In the name of Air, I will be open to the winds of change from any direction. I will breathe intention and purpose into the sparks of fire and inspiration in my life and art, to keep the light shining strong.      

I will honor and learn from both my destructive and creative tendencies; after all, Pele’s fiery lava both destroys and creates islands anew. I will trust my true Spirit to shine through during the darkest parts of the open road ahead of me, on the journey to find my way in the world.

Blessed be.

Shine Your Way by Owl City and Yuna
*Yes, I learned about it from from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. You can't choose where and when inspiration hits.

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